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Cullen Chong STEM Guide

Cullen Chong

Instructor & Co-Founder


Flashpoint STEM classes taught by gifted teacher & mentor, Cullen Chong, are a major highlight of our son’s week. We are blessed that our son has this unique opportunity to learn and grow academically. Cullen helps prepare students for a future in the world of STEM. We highly recommend Cullen’s classes - they are fun, exciting, challenging, and rewarding!


Ben & Lisa Reeder



My son joined the 2017 Fall semester class. The greatest benefit was the hands on learning as they built and problem solved with Cullen’s guidance. Although each student works on their own aircraft they also bond as a team and work together.  Cullen provides them with real life experiences to relate to what they are learning. I’ve highly recommended this course to friends with children looking for a hands on STEM learning environment. 

Thank you,


Sasha Kealoha'



FlashPoint STEM was such an amazing experience for my son to be a part of.  Cullen was extremely patient with all of the students and encouraged them to come up with solutions and work through engineering challenges through critical thinking and hands-on projects.  Originally, my son was signed up for just the summer class.  However, he enjoyed it so much that he decided to take the high school course for the following Fall and signed up again for the Spring class.  I have, and continue to, recommend  FlashPoint STEM to family and friends.  All, some of whom are teachers, are impressed with the curriculum and structure of the class.




Loralie Dimitrijevic

Our hope for this course is that it will challenge, encourage, and inspire those gifts that your child has been given and that it will ignite a fire for learning STEM subjects in their hearts.  With your guidance the possibilities for what they can accomplish from there, and how they can impact the world around them, are limitless.

I am not what you would call "book smart" and I struggled with learning in school.  I compensated by strengthening my creative side and found that I learned best by deconstructing things and putting them back together.  Concepts in school seemed to "stick" best in my head by designing and building things with my hands.  I dream.  I visualize.  I design.  I build.  I was wired this way; it is how I learn best. Though not an easy route, by applying these tactics, I was able to conquer these challenging subjects and earn degrees in Architecture and Engineering.  I now make my living as an Mechanical Engineer maintaining Oahu's power generation at Hawaiian Electric and enjoy the interesting projects I face on a daily basis.  I can relate to the struggles many teens face today with STEM subjects - I was once there myself.  By sharing my experiences, I hope to make their path a little less rocky.   

Cheryl, my loving wife of nearly 14 years, is the perfect partner for this journey.  She brings her unique creativity and vision which fits ideally into FlashPointSTEM's leadership team.  With a background in planning and networking, she currently works at a national non-profit organization, is an animal lover and has been at my side in youth leadership for the past seven years.  Cheryl has a heart for connecting with others through compassion and understands that no matter who you are, or what you've been through, you matter and are a precious gift. 

Cullen Chong - Co-Founder of FlashPointSTEM

"Cullen and Cheryl have been such a positive influence in my daughter (Alexandria’s) life! Four years in youth group seem to have flown by largely due to their guidance. Additionally, they have continued to help by influencing her decision to now serve as a middle school leader.  I have been blessed to have had the pleasure/privilege to serve with them on mission trips and in various youth activities. I have personally witnessed (and am continuously impressed by) how they engage kids through various forms of fun.  Cullen & Cheryl are amazingly trustworthy role models in my daughter’s life."

Jennifer A. Leslein-Hopley [MSCP]

"Cullen Chong has a passion for the youth of Hawaii. I am privileged to know him as a volunteer and a friend. The way he has cared for, and poured into the lives of the students in our organization has been life changing for many who have crossed his path."

Matthew Morrison - Youth Coordinator at First Prez

"I have known Cullen Chong for several years and have had the privilege of serving with him in Hawaii and abroad.  Three words that I would use to describe Cullen would be responsible, caring and faithful."

Karen Makashima - Children & Family Life Director at First Prez

"Cullen Chong is a creative native son who brings his love for creation and his joy for life to all he does. Cullen is an encourager who is motivated from compassion. He will challenge you, equip you, and walk with you as you discover new gifts and avenues."

Pastor Drew Husle 

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